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Simplicity is as always producer’s ‘idealism’ best kept secret, judging by his latest drop “seeing you”. A track which induces stillness in the listener as gentle kicks and melodies wane in and out like waves at sunset, slowly washing up the white sands of your mental beach.

“seeing you” is sonically soothing and it gives continuity to all of idealism’s previous work. It’s like the producer is building the perfect musical portfolio, brick by brick. Telling in between the lines, a story of contemplation, enlightenment, struggle and perseverance. A tale that is told not with words, but with sounds instead.

This timeless release by idealism is so much more than just a chill hop track… There’s people out there right now that need this in their life, for stress reducing purposes and more. To help them think, feel, plan, observe and sit still because people get so caught up in the daily rat race, that they forget that it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. Some people don’t even have the time to listen to music nowadays, but if they stopped for 5 minutes and played this song through some headphones with their eyes closed, I guarantee that “seeing you” would be the highlight of their stressful day.

‘idealism’ has also mentioned to us that “seeing you” is indeed the first single off his upcoming album called “Amaranthine”, which according to the producer, should be out in July! So that means more great music is on the way, which means more insight, more dopeness and more vibes from the switched on tastemaker. We can’t wait!


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