Ray Chris – LA (prod. by Taz Taylor)

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Ok, so having had a chance to previously listen to the very unpredictable Ray Chris, I have to say that personally, I wasn’t quite feeling this track as much as I think I should have to begin with…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that ‘LA’ is completely trash because it isn’t, but to me it just felt like it was lacking a bit of substance. Then I switched my perception and tried to see it from the rapper’s perspective and why according to him this is a stand-out effort… That’s when it all clicked – I was hearing it but not really ‘listening’ to it…

As soon as I got that, it quickly became clear what the track is all about! LA is about breaking routines up… it’s about having the freedom to make spontaneous choices… It’s about living it up and taking chances, and it’s about expanding. So once I was able to understand this, ‘LA’ promptly started to sound more and more like the mother-effing truth!

Of course the quality of production also helps the listener to get in the zone but it’s equally important to have an understand of why it was written to begin with:

“LA aka waviest beat on the planet, instantly got me into my zone LA is my baby. Kojo & co. kept going out there and I just wanted to go so bad. So I wrote that song, and everyone went crazy in the studio when they heard it. Kojo was actually only in the Maryland studio that day because he missed his flight to LA. I knew I was able to make it happen, so I did. I told the cameraman who reacted wildly to LA, we shooting this video. 2 months later I went. And one year later I’m going back.” – Ray pointed out.

Most people will probably identify and vibe to ‘LA’ at their first listen, but in all honestly, it took me a couple of plays to get there. Definitely a song that grows on you, so my advice is don’t sleep on it – Ray Chris’ LA is quickly becoming addictive!

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