2 STORY CABIN – Don’t You Worry

2 Story Cabin’s official music video for their upbeat single ‘Don’t You Worry’ is a breath of pure fresh air with enough creative expression to keep your eyes glued to the screen, as the beautiful Tempesta effortlessly commands your attention while exploring a city where everything is not quite what is seems!

… What I appreciate the most about this fun and quirky video is the fact that it’s able to capture the beautiful city of Rome in a much more playful and curious way than its cliched equivalent – bursting with colour and creativity – while Tempesta’s carefree energy and child-like enthusiasm promptly adds the right amount of innocence and wonder to director Caroline Mariko Stucky’s visuals! 

Catchy, engaging and indulgent from the start, ‘Don’t You Worry’ makes an exceptionally invigorating and entertaining release, supported by Tempesta’s somewhat melancholic but dreamy delivery which matches producer mmmatic’s post-pop execution in mesmerizing fashion – complete with lush harmonies and inspiring, assured lyrics.

And oh… expect to see the unexpected this time.



Two People – In The Garden

Australian duo Phoebe Lou + Joey Clough, aka Two People, announce their signing to esteemed LA-based label Terrible Records for the release of their debut LP First Body, coming in early 2019. The record, which was mixed by Rodaidh McDonald (the xx, Sampha, King Krule), has a deeply sensuous and hypnotic late-night vibe that elicits hazy visions of vintage Portishead or the xx’s more minimal, hauntingly soporific early classics. Singer Phoebe Lou says of new single “In the Garden“, an emotional and empowering lament in which she reclaims her life from a suffocating relationship: “It’s about gaining my power back for the first time and the clumsiness in that.” Watch the shadowy video below. First Body is out January 18th, 2019.

Ex Olympic – Basement

There’s an act I’ve noticed feature on pretty much every South African festival this summer and his named is Ex Olympic. Only problem is that I haven’t actually made it to any festivals, so up until now I had no idea what he sounded like. All I knew was that it was Nic Van Reenan’s project.

Who is Nic? Well, I’ll forgive you for not recognizing his name. He’s featured on Indie Shuffle a few times in the past under the moniker Fever Trails, an act with a thoroughly different sound vis a vis Ex Olympic. And that’s good — everyone likes a little evolution every now and then.

He’s got an EP called HANGUPS due on November 18th via the record label 1991, so, y’know… keep your ears peeled.


Young The Giant – Panoramic Girl

Honestly, listening to this song there’s only one thought popping into my head: Young The Giant know what they’re doing.


These guys have been together as a band for upwards of a decade and it shows (I suppose I could look up the actual number of years, but that’s besides the point). I remember their early days when I was back in high school (this was ~2004), and in light of that it’s really nice that 1) they’re still making music; 2) I actually like it.


“Panoramic Girl” can be found on their recently-released album Mirror Master.