Sam and the Black Seas – The Game

This fantastic single is taking fans by storm in another amazing offering from Sam and The Black Seas. Lyrical, throaty vocals merge beautifully in a fervent crescendo, reminiscent of the well established Mumford and Sons alternative indie folk style. The clever, moody video, complements the band members who come to life before our very eyes at the tip of the artists pen, almost as though the artist dreams them into life, each his own creation. Catchy drumbeats and insistent percussion round off a melody that you can’t help getting swept along with… and then..  just as you’re getting familiar with the vibes you’re hit again! This time, by the husky sexy voice of lead singer Sam who takes us by the arm and pulls us into the heart of his angst. With lyrics like “say what you say…live and complain that someone is bringing you down”. An inward looking mini biopic of a guy looking at himself and railing in anger against what he sees, his failures and broken dreams and how someone is bringing “him down”. The artist is having an ongoing battle criticising himself, a touch of genius that reveals this torture is the barbed wire entwined around the cello strings. Fiction is mixed with reality when the artists ink drips onto the face of the band member leaving the audience to wonder where reality begins and artistry ends. I’m not sure I wanted the artistry and sheer genius of the Alberto Ponticelli to end in this noir style video which pays homage to DC comics. A pure black diamond of tortured genius in all its facets, priceless! One diamond in the rough that has sparkle in its darkness!

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