Matt Hurray – Unnecessary Commentary (2016 Album)

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start the day, other than by listening to the energising and invigorating sounds of Matt Hurray’s eclectic surf rock instrumental album “Unnecessary Commentary”.

There’s so much to be said about this body of work and we don’t even know where to start… The perfect album to have on your mp3 player, iTunes, Soundcloud playlist etc… It’s also great to have in the house and in your car as the whole “Unnecessary Comment” is an experience to be cherished.

Peaking at 18 tracks, it does all kind of wonders to the body, mind and soul as it transmits a tranquility and sense of joy which I can’t quite grasp or describe. It really makes me feel good and optimistic for no reason?

As we sat here listening to the whole album, from the beginning till the end, I found myself without a single worry in the world and came to the conclusion that this is what the world needs… This album could really change this damn world for the better if we could get everyone to hear it! I stand by this.

The album shreds from the get go, opening with the fast paced “El Rollo”, a vibrant, riotous single which (for some odd reason) brought back nostalgic memories of my days of youth watching “Pulp fiction” with friends, just having fun…  Quickly followed by the catchy “Corduroy”, a track in which guest musician Ron Finn also features (additional guitar), and then the more dreamy and escapist “Black Sand Tan”.

By the time you get to “June Solstice” and “7th Street” the album blueprint is already set and it develops into a cohesive, well expressed and immaculately played full length album which doesn’t have many bad points, if any whatsoever…

Of course something like this takes a lot of effort to accomplish and it perhaps couldn’t have been done without the help of fellow musicians Jim Rice (Additional Guitars), Peter Freiberger (Bass Guitar), Gary Ferguson (Drums), Danny Timms (Keyboards) and Gary Brandin (Steel Guitar), Chris Cruttenden (Ukulele on June Solstice) and Ron Finn (Additional Guitar on Corduroy), who all contributed with their talents towards the making of this epic surf rock instrumental album.

One of the stand out tracks has to be “One Day Away”, a track which deviates a bit from the classic surf rock and boasts a bit more of an accoustic folk sound but still manages to capture the imagination and soul of the listener. The spicy “The North Swell” and “Todos Santos” had me grabbing my girlfriend for a dance and by the time we were down I had to sit down and take a break…

All in all, this is a fantastic album that can be played anywhere, anytime and its effect would pretty much be the same. It’s soothing and electrifying all at the same time, you don’t know whether to get up and dance or to sit down and “trip”. A superb effort from the very talented Matt Hurray, we give “Unnecessary Commentary” a well deserved 4.5* out of 5*


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