Summer47 – Dumping Anger

Have you ever felt like you wanted to kill your partner? Well… now you know how Texas rapper Summer47 feels about his estranged relationships.

The artist who’s been doing music since the tender age of 9 has kept busy since his last Mixtape “Evaluating Depression” and has just released his latest single “Dumping anger”, which looks into the messed up mind of a complicated female.

Based on Summer47’s real life events, the rapper opens up about his relationship with an on and off girlfriend who sounds a lot like a “trick”, which for those who don’t know, relates to a shady female.

The beat is chilled and emotional, while the rapper spits lyrics such as “You treat me like your past n*** / Like I am a trash n*** / baby girl all you do is dump your anger on me…”, and if you listen to his previous work “Evaluating Depression”, you will quickly realise that summer 47 is cut from a different cloth and is not to be slept on. “Dumping Anger” is a good look on his upcoming album which is already 5 tracks in but still in the making, as the the rapper shows promising potential of stardom if all the right moves are made.

… At this point if he hasn’t done so already, Summer47 should be reaching out to radio hosts and music managers who will help him breakthrough into the mainstream, where he deserves to be. Keep your fingers crossed!




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