Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone

There’s a delicate line I’m balancing on this review. Avantdale Bowling Club is a father, and a struggling musician vocal about his plight, so I’d like to keep my tone respectful, even though cracking jokes is my thing. The music industry has been in recession for more than a decade, and it sometimes seems like the title ‘artist’ is written with a silent ‘struggling’ attached on the front of it.


Luckily I found Tom Scott’s music through the the main way that I know how, the internet. And however much the digital forefront might seem like restitution to artists in a beleaguered industry, in fact it’s more divisive in terms of finding real talent. Coverage and plays can be bought; anyone can produce and punt their sounds, which is something that was less within the reach of artists of previous eras; and while it definitely has lead to some unique sounds, by and large it hasn’t. That’s just globalization for ya, like we’re all learning English


Off the bat, ABC is encouraging in that I’m getting something new from the vocals. The backing track has a sweet Taylor McFerrin vibe to it, but here’s probably the first rapper in a long time that has kept me locked in for a whole album, Avantdale Bowling Club.

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