MAJO – Move On

Berklee College of Music does it again! Tune in to the lush sounds of Paraguayan pop songstress MAJO as the promising singer-songwriter speaks her mind on her most recent single ‘Move On’:

Hailing from Asuncion, Paraguay, MAJO’s single hits all the right notes… from the track’s timeless production, to the singer’s beautiful voice and the brilliantly executed lyrics “It’s been a while since I last saw your face / but it gets harder to forget you / and If I ever hear your name / I still wonder if it’s true […]”

Talented, humble and full of potential – is what comes to mind when you take time to dig a little deeper and listen to this singer’s short catalogue, as tracks such as “Won’t Wish You The Best” and “Selling My Soul” also help to shape a better perception of what MAJO brings to the table… Emotionally charged lyrics meet pop infused productions, as exquisite vocal deliveries highlight an artistic depth and versatility from MAJO which is not only bonafide but also very distinct from anything else out there!

The singer who is due to release another single shortly, is also planing to release an EP (we can’t wait to hear it!) on October 27th, which based on her previous efforts so far, promises to elevate the singer’s work to the next level. For now though, “Move On” puts MAJO on the right track, as the Paraguayan muse showcases her silky vocals and refined song-writing skills with confidence and purpose. We loved it, hope you guys do to!


Gothic Tropic – Fast or Feast

Gothic Tropic was first conceived by Della Peruti back in 2011 as a “sacred, gnostic and cathartic” outlet away from her paying gig as a professional musician playing in other people’s bands. As a “result of thinking ‘EP’ meant ‘demo’” the Awesome Problems EP was released shortly after; the five tracks drenched in rhythmic psych and distorted vocals saw Della Peruti orbiting a universe away from what would become Fast Or Feast.


HussyKat ‘Feels Like I Won The Lotto’

Wow. I certainly never expected ‘Feels Like I Won The Lotto’  to be such a great listen, when my attention first turned to HussyKat’s stand out release.

It has everything to be a smash hit, from its expressive lyrical execution, to its neat production and fresh vibes – Everything gels together perfectly for this 22 year older rapper/producer from Sydney Australia, whose single really impresses for all the right reasons!

Also, for those who possess a keen ear, HussyKat’s cultural influences can be subtly detected in this bubbly track, having been born in Iraq and growing up in Egypt, as he injects catchy twists throughout such as the ‘clarinet-like’ instrument played in the chorus which is worthy of a comparison to fusion trailblazers Major Lazer.

Another thing that I quite like about HussyKat’s ‘Feels Like I won The Lotto,’ is that the more you play it, the more it grows on you. It also really raised the mood as it had me feeling strangely happy and satisfied with my self for no reason. It’s not often that a rap song does that to me, matter of fact – I can’t recall the last time this happened at all… Very strange!

So what are the good and bad points about HussyKat’s ‘Feels Like I won The Lotto? I’ll happily answer that. There are no bad points. Everything about it is really good – HussyKat displays a confident and enthusiastic delivery, great production, great optimism and promise!

My final thoughts are that I am really impressed with it, as it smashed my expectations to pieces… I don’t even have to try and convince you of the same – HussyKat’s music will do all the talking for me, give it a listen below!



Spirit Plate – All Day Long

Brooklyn psych-pop band Spirit Plate are anticipating the release of their sophomore record Youth Moose, due out early August via Campers’ Rule Records.

The album is inspired by frontman Brian Russ’s 12 years of living in New York City through the chaos, gentrification, and decay that has taken over through the years.

Today, Blatant Misrep has the premiere on Youth Moose’s album opener, “All Day Long”. The song starts off with a groove of sunny vibes through a guiding guitar melody. The digital only track is a warm welcome for listeners of Youth Moose, shining as a feel-good summer single.

Spirit Plate’s Youth Moose drops on Campers’ Rule Records August 8. Pre-order the vinyl and grab a hand numbered edition of the record and be on the lookout for Spirit Plate at one of their upcoming show, this Saturday.


Kyota Sugai – Butterfly

Who’s up for some psychedelic, funkadelic, trippy rock music? If that’s you, then you need to look no further, for we have found exactly what you’re looking for. Meet the eccentric Japanese singer-songwriter, Kyota Sugai, who is bringing that old-school rock flavour back, with a fresh new wave approach!

Kyota’s brand of psychedelic rock stands out from the more traditional bands, as one of his latest releases “Butterfly” shows. Stylistic, textured and enigmatic, the release reflects Kyota Sugai’s  influences which range from The Beatles, to Beach Boys, Syd Barret, Peter Ivers and more…

Having released his first album “Italy” at the tender age of 20, followed by his most successful album to date “Maddona” 3 years later, and finally his 3rd album “Y533” which is available for purchasing and listening on iTunes, Kyota is steadily setting himself up for a great music career. With great artistry and artwork to accompany his music, the Japanese visionary is a well rounded and uber creative musical mind. Mind-bending guitars, meet quirky arrangements and funky, conceptual vocals, moulding the talented musician’s sound into groundbreaking, chilled and masterful bodies of work.

What we like most about Kyota Sugai’s “Butterfly” is its relaxing, dreamy and sculptural soundscape which paints a picture of a utopian singer with plenty more to give, and complete freedom of expression over his music. Just what we needed, an artist whose music won’t be defined by a specific genre but by its ability to trascend such concepts. He’s something like a Picasso with a guitar, on magic mushrooms… Pure, psychedelic, sonic art!