Avantdale Bowling Club – Years Gone

There’s a delicate line I’m balancing on this review. Avantdale Bowling Club is a father, and a struggling musician vocal about his plight, so I’d like to keep my tone respectful, even though cracking jokes is my thing. The music industry has been in recession for more than a decade, and it sometimes seems like the title ‘artist’ is written with a silent ‘struggling’ attached on the front of it.


Luckily I found Tom Scott’s music through the the main way that I know how, the internet. And however much the digital forefront might seem like restitution to artists in a beleaguered industry, in fact it’s more divisive in terms of finding real talent. Coverage and plays can be bought; anyone can produce and punt their sounds, which is something that was less within the reach of artists of previous eras; and while it definitely has lead to some unique sounds, by and large it hasn’t. That’s just globalization for ya, like we’re all learning English


Off the bat, ABC is encouraging in that I’m getting something new from the vocals. The backing track has a sweet Taylor McFerrin vibe to it, but here’s probably the first rapper in a long time that has kept me locked in for a whole album, Avantdale Bowling Club.

Filous – Bicycle (Ft. Klei)

I’ve been on the Filous train for donkey’s years now, so when this popped up I was very excited to hear what was in store.

“Bicycle” started off by putting me on the back foot. It’s a tad poppy for my taste, and I wasn’t sure there was anything there for me to enjoy. Until the chorus, that is…

“Do I look too cool?” Yeah. You hooked me. That’s a heck-of-a-catchy chorus. Love it.


Mild Minds – Weak Signal

I hate to say something like this, but the reason I like this song is not because Mild Minds has done something original, but because this song sounds a whole lot like oldschool Toro y Moi, and it’s been too long since I’ve heard that.


The reason I hate to say stuff like that is because it discredits what an awesome job Mild Minds has actually done, and that needs to be recognized. This song is wonderfully executed, and every time I hear it I find myself getting into the groove.


Grab it as part of his SWIM EP.

Ponzu Island – Super Koto

A fog blankets the city. Lined up at the local parking lot are metal steeds; Subaru Imprezas and the likes. Street legal builds? Likely not, in fact, the last car on the West end of the lot has flames shooting out the exhaust.


Two cars from opposing sides roll forward. They’re now but a fist apart. Engines are warm and exhausts continue flaring, only to suddenly disengage; both cars are now sitting idle.


It’s quiet. The pause crawls forward until finally a door opens. A foot lumbers out. Then a second. Both drivers are now locked in a deep gaze. And then, “Super Koto.” They dance. Because even if you’re a drag racer, “Super Koto” will move you.


Trealetic – Wolf’s Cry

Wasn’t expecting this at all from r&B and soul singer-songwriter Trealetic, and his phenomenal track ‘Wolf Cry’ – which has just made its way onto our radar for all the right reasons!

Characterized by a nostalgic, stand out production and fuelled by a soulful electric guitar riff, it immediately takes the listener to an amazing state of “feel goodness”, supported by soul-reaching  ambient strings, cool vibes, a slick concept and a delivery which (quite frankly) could be better but will get there in the fullness of time.

Guaranteed to make you feel some type of way, Trealetic speaks of themes which we’ve all been affected by at this stage of our lives, as “Wolf Cry” tells the story of a broken heart, which has been shaped and ultimately affected by love, betrayal and deceipt, but can still be healed by practicing acceptance and self-care. Passionately delivered by an exquisite singer-songwriter who still has room for improvement vocally, but is definitely heading in the right direction in terms of song construction and having that overall, unique perspective. 

I played it quite a few times because, truth be told, I actually really like it. It gives me retro soul vibes from the early 90’s, as it draws inspiration from a stylish, rock enthused but r&b-led arrangement, which definitely put a smile on my face and made me want to listen over and over again. In short… I just love everything about it… and that in itself speaks volumes!


Make sure you keep an eye out for Trealetic who is currently working on his “Tumultuous” EP – the 3rd instalment to the 9/11 series and the upcoming “Trucify” full length album.