2 STORY CABIN – Don’t You Worry

2 Story Cabin’s official music video for their upbeat single ‘Don’t You Worry’ is a breath of pure fresh air with enough creative expression to keep your eyes glued to the screen, as the beautiful Tempesta effortlessly commands your attention while exploring a city where everything is not quite what is seems!

… What I appreciate the most about this fun and quirky video is the fact that it’s able to capture the beautiful city of Rome in a much more playful and curious way than its cliched equivalent – bursting with colour and creativity – while Tempesta’s carefree energy and child-like enthusiasm promptly adds the right amount of innocence and wonder to director Caroline Mariko Stucky’s visuals! 

Catchy, engaging and indulgent from the start, ‘Don’t You Worry’ makes an exceptionally invigorating and entertaining release, supported by Tempesta’s somewhat melancholic but dreamy delivery which matches producer mmmatic’s post-pop execution in mesmerizing fashion – complete with lush harmonies and inspiring, assured lyrics.

And oh… expect to see the unexpected this time.