Kyota Sugai – Butterfly

Who’s up for some psychedelic, funkadelic, trippy rock music? If that’s you, then you need to look no further, for we have found exactly what you’re looking for. Meet the eccentric Japanese singer-songwriter, Kyota Sugai, who is bringing that old-school rock flavour back, with a fresh new wave approach!

Kyota’s brand of psychedelic rock stands out from the more traditional bands, as one of his latest releases “Butterfly” shows. Stylistic, textured and enigmatic, the release reflects Kyota Sugai’s  influences which range from The Beatles, to Beach Boys, Syd Barret, Peter Ivers and more…

Having released his first album “Italy” at the tender age of 20, followed by his most successful album to date “Maddona” 3 years later, and finally his 3rd album “Y533” which is available for purchasing and listening on iTunes, Kyota is steadily setting himself up for a great music career. With great artistry and artwork to accompany his music, the Japanese visionary is a well rounded and uber creative musical mind. Mind-bending guitars, meet quirky arrangements and funky, conceptual vocals, moulding the talented musician’s sound into groundbreaking, chilled and masterful bodies of work.

What we like most about Kyota Sugai’s “Butterfly” is its relaxing, dreamy and sculptural soundscape which paints a picture of a utopian singer with plenty more to give, and complete freedom of expression over his music. Just what we needed, an artist whose music won’t be defined by a specific genre but by its ability to trascend such concepts. He’s something like a Picasso with a guitar, on magic mushrooms… Pure, psychedelic, sonic art!


One World Government – Souls For Robots

Phoenix trailblazing band One World Government has just released an unbelievable video for their stand out single “Souls For Robots”, off their “Self Titled” album!

The ultra meaningful video starts with a man stepping off his vehicle to raise a construction/propaganda sign on behalf of what seems to be a mind-control corporation, as he then drives off. It then unfolds with eye-opening truths and plays with the idea that we are all dependent on technology, seemingly living a virtual, empty life.

A daughter who lost her father, is depicted feeling insecure and researching how to “plastically” enhance her features, while looking for love, as her dad’s ghost looks on and tries to stop her doing it. As she fails to capture the superficial love she seeks, she then resorts to self harming, since she realises she’s quickly loosing grip. There’s other characters and intertwining stories in this impressive video, which ultimately ends with a guy collapsing on the floor, with people around him walking past, hooked to their gadgets, completely unbothered, as if they’d lost their already fragile humanity, to a life dictated by technology and virtual reality… We don’t want to reveal the whole plot and spoil it for you, as the video goes much, much deeper, but if you haven’t yet watched it, then you definitely need to!

What I like the most about “Souls For Robots”, is that it is a brutal yet subtle attack, on where humanity is heading and how we now live pretty much like robots, hence the single’s title.

Having been compared to Pink Floyd and Rush, One Word Government is carrying the torch for what was previously started by their peers. The song and video have an extremely important meaning which is getting more relevant by the day. If there’s also a main message which applies to anyone who is watching, it has be: ‘be kind to each other out there guys’… and put your damn phones away!


General Crush – Beautiful Day

The most potent tonic for the soul is and will always be music. Just ask Boston based singer-songwriter and music producer General Crush, or better yet, listen to his latest release “Beautiful Day” and tell me otherwise?

In case you’re not familiar with the singer yet, then you should get to know. Drawing influences from artists such as The XX, Glass Animals and my favourite Jose Gonzalez, Ray Ward a.k.a. General Crush has been involved in numerous projects playing anything from roots reggae to hard rock but with his latest drop “Beautiful Day” the artist shows that there’s an evolution taking place in his music.

A song which reflects introspection and transformation, it is brilliantly mellow but still edgy enough to keep the listener curious and engaged. Perhaps, the perfect escape even… as its gentle guitar strokes, lush ethereal vocals and breakbeat like drums  allow for a dreamy mindset to settle in.

Overall “Beautiful Day” is a smooth, comforting and inspiring release from General Crush which will fit nicely in your favourite chill-out and alt-pop playslists.

Give it a listen below!