Corniglia – Oh My Love

Ahhh now this is more like it! A band whose originality is actually genuine and not the same as all the other so called “original” bands.

“Oh My Love” is the fantastically sombre new single from alternative indie pop Australian band Corniglia, who combined big room, ethereal vocals with tender guitar chords and polyphonic perfection to create a magical sound, which stands out effortlessly and with great finesse!

The band has also released an impressive stop motion video to go with the beautiful single, which depicts a male who is “searching” for something bigger than himself and a female who seems to be “waiting” for someone to find her….

To be fair, the video could be interpreted in many different ways so we’ll avoid getting into its deeper meaning since it is an abstract video but nonetheless, the visuals breathtakingly highlight Corniglia’s vision and brilliance as it suits their stylish sound down to a tee! The arrangement of the song is sublime throughout while Chloe’s vocals are simply too gorgeous.

The talented group is composed by founder Matt Irwin, his brother Mitchell, Chloe de Paoli on the vocals and live band members Scott Young, James Stevens-Cutler and Mike Litton and their soundscape resembles some of the earlier work of bands such as Radiohead, Beach House and our personal favourite Warpaint, as they release a single that is light, magical and genius all at the same time.

You better believe me when I say that Corneglia have now gained a new die hard fan in me, as I was drawn to it all it as soon as I pressed that play button! Such a pleasure to listen to… these guys are going to be pretty big! I sure have my fingers crossed.

…Perth stand up!!!