Golden Vessel – Wave (ft. OKBADLANDS) (RYI Remix)

This track is long overdue. I’ve been jamming for a while now, neglecting to post it like a selfish, selfish blogger. Well, I’m really sorry. RYI’s remix of Golden Vessel’s “Waves” will probably make it to my own personal best of 2016 list so I thought I put it out there, officially.

In this case, you can judge this song by its watery cover. “Waves” hits you like foaming white caps on turbulent waters. It pulls you in and sucks you under, rolls you around in your own thoughts and then spits you back out, aching. Being honest with ourselves is like that. Tends to leave us feeling a little raw.

Golden Vessel is obviously the vessel for this rad tune, but shouts to OKBADLANDS for an excellent job on the vocals and RYI for a superb job in nailing it.


Via RSkotarczyk (Indie Shuffle)