idealism – Nobody Else

New release alert – idealism is back with more silky smooth instrumentals for your head top!

Since we last published a piece on the standout beat craftsman – he has gone on to accumulate an unbelievable number of online streams, with his Hiraeth EP raking in over a million plays on soundcloud, while his ‘Raining Evening EP’ also currently on 710k plays!

I mean… to put it in perspective… not even bonafide, household names which we have all grown acustomed to over the years, are able to these kind of numbers…

So you could argue that ‘idealism’ is indeed among the beat-making elite, which he undoubtedly is…. and you could also argue that his music has a purpose, which it no doubt has – as The Finn producer’s latest EP which goes by the name of ‘Nobody Else’, proves that music can be designed to solely elevate one’s soul and vibration.

But the actual truth is… his music goes beyond a category or a boxed genre. It transcends adjectives… it bypasses styles… It doesn’t need comparisons to others… It’s just… beautiful music.

An EP that is probably best described as ‘sound-wave tranquility’, put together by a master crafter… An alchemist of sorts, as everything idealism does, equates to audio gold.

So seamlessly – it’s no surprise when we say – There’s a certain level of ‘genius’ in how the astute beat-maker presents his sound… It is pretty much tangible throught the whole EP, as each track permeates even the hardest of eardrums with unrivalled magic…

Having said that, here’s what idealism had to say about the meaning behind this EP:

“My latest EP, consisting of some piano mixed with lofi elements and gentle textures and beats, was created in a state of musical confusion. I am still looking for my own style, my own genre, and this EP kind of reflects my mixed feelings. Wanting to make music that uses lofi elements, but still wanting to be categorized as something other than just “lofi hiphop”.

…Say no more. We higly recommend everyone taking 15 minutes of their day to give this contemporary release a good listen!

Idealism – Hiraeth [EP]

Idealism – Hiraeth [EP]

I’ve listened to this EP at least 6 times in just 2 days and all I can say about it is that it’s such a pleasurable listen. If you haven’t yet heard of producer Idealism then I don’t know what you’re doing with your time!

With his latest EP release titled “Hiraeth”, which according to the crafty artisan means “a deep, wishful, nostalgic sense of longing for home; a yearning grief for people and things long gone”, has captured a sound which is able to draw on the imagination of the listener, highlighting an overall sense of introspection and contemplation, supported by smooth downtempo hip-hop beats with a jazzy, lo-fi twist.

Having moved between Finland and France throughout critical stages of his life, the producer has confessed to feeling like he’s been sabotaged of a true home, leaving him with a sense of not truly belonging anywhere, hence the title of the EP.

The soundscape of this body of work is a reflection of the beat maestro’s recent life experiences as he explains “The tracks in the EP represent many emotional hardships I have experienced in the past 6 months or so, from happiness, to extreme sadness and feeling of loneliness. So making these tracks has helped me to alleviate some of those feelings, and also share them to the world. And I hope that some people might find comfort by listening to some of these tracks”.

“Hiraeth” flows brilliantly from beginning to end, with its all-encompassing arrangements and nurturing attention to detail. Every song has its own mood – from its opening track “Ikigai”, which is a calm and soulful execution of a beautiful piano narrative, to the more jazzy “Petrichor”, to the very emotional “Another Perspective”, all the way to the gorgeous closing track “Ilia’s Dream”, they all fit perfectly together within the album’s blueprint, pretty much like pieces of a puzzle.

I think what I like most about it is that it is a powerful, meaningful and inspiring tape to listen to. Idealism’s music speaks without words, it touches you without using any hands and it swiftly moves inside us like as if it’s blood circulation. This is “7* Hotel Elevator Music” (but maybe not as you think!) – I call it “7* Hotel Elevator Music” because it elevates you to the “7th Heaven” (… haha I might copyright that!)

No, but in all seriousness this is some serious, prodigal work by the producer who mostly scored and played all the notes himself without resorting to any samples… That in itself is once again impressive! Give it a listen below as I know you can’t “not like it” as it’s just that good…

ps: Idealism, if you’re reading this – “Home is where the heart is” and your music is bringing us all closer to our own hearts, so please keep doing what you’re doing because you do it so well 🙂