Cecilie Sadolin – Tapestry

What is it with all these talented artists coming out of The Royal Academy of Music in Denmark lately? Cecile Sadolin is the latest artist to make it onto our radar from the Danish music college in the space of two months…

What’s even more impressive is her debut single and music video “Tapestry” which is nothing short of masterful. Her music approach is intriguing, expansive and unexpected as translucid sounds meet Cecilie’s piercing vocals while the video itself is as quirky and mysterious as the soundscape of this uber talented singer-composer!

“”Tapestry” is influenced by women who struggle with power in todays’ society, and the pressure of being multiple characters in the same being” the singer-composer points out.

It’s also easy to understand that artistic expression is at the core of everything Cecilie does, as the video features some unbelievably abstract imagery, cleverly put together by an art collective in Brixton, London.

“Tapestry” ticks every box in my opinion – electronic trip-hop meets classical experimental. A blend of Massive Attack, Mozart and Bjork while the video itself counts with the assistance of director Hedvig Larsson and Vogue photographer François Boutemy who combined to create a trailblazing video for one of our December’s biggest discoveries, if not the biggest discovery itself – Cecilie Sadolin.

We can’t emphasise enough how impressed we were with the artist’s debut single, as there’s something about Cecilie which is captivating, mysterious and elusive all at the same time! We’re also quite pleased to announce that the Danish songstress is now working on her 2017 debut album “Pseudo Random” which, judging by this amazing release, is going to be something phenomenally good!

What a time to be alive eh?


Anenon – Mouth

This electro piece provides you wonderment with an almost space age edge, tech ambient mid-section that will fill your soul with delirium. It infuses you as its floating airy choral vocals are guaranteed to send you into a world unknown. A world full of wonder and sinister mystery carried by major key changes which will get you in the zone. Perfect piece chill out to. It would probably be the perfect film score for an edgy film with its discordant brass instruments. Traces of the lumbering French horn add depth to already intriguing piece. Anenon probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but surely will grab their attention! ‘Mouth’ definitely has the ability to shock or hook you all in one while questioning its very own purpose!

Ensemble Economique – You, By Candlelight

Ensemble Economique is the project masterminded by Californian born Brian Pyle. Now on his eleventh album the work of Pyle is best described as ambient and You, By Candlelight is a perfect example of his craft. Pyle himself describes his work “as if day and night were colliding”. Hazy and laid back in vibe the track, some seven minutes in length, washes over you like a gentle wave yet it never bores nor dulls the senses. Whilst it’s feel is dark it maintains sufficient trance like melody to ultimately uplift  The vocal of J Moon, Berlin based singer Jessica Einaudi is hauntingly beautiful and understated, the perfect foil for Pyles soundtrack.