Pete Ewing – What You Wanted (Album)

What do we like about his album? Absolutely everything.

From album structure, to delivery, from arrangement to engineering, Pete Ewing’s ‘What You Wanted’ full length release makes all the right noises while championing a vintage alternative rock vibe that is both effortless and stylish.

This album also offers an insight into the tumultuous life of Pete Ewing. A (formerly?) married musician who admits to having an affair, and whose actions led to this point, along with the most incredible hustle story you might ever hear… A drug dealer with a music dream. A man with ambition and also a conscience.

“I was a married musician also having an affair. I had and still have a segment on a radio show in Melbourne. To add to this I was a drug dealer. My existence as I said was charmed and finely balanced. The expense of getting a band over to the states is costly and so the day to day hustle and having two important relationships meant I didn’t sleep much at all.”

‘What you wanted’ touches upon very sensitive subjects such as broken relationships, the status quo, morden day romantic affairs, regrets (and also the lack of) and so much more. It highlights what feels like a numbing, perhaps fleeting frustration within Pete which can only come from someone’s personal experience, someone who accepts his own imperfections, can see where he went wrong but feels he must do better.

This album gets you stuck in, closely paying attention right from the get go with the very cool ‘Be that way’ – a groovy, free flowing opener with so much rythm, I couldn’t help but to tap my feet all the way through, as Pete confesses his love to a muse, strategically setting the pace for the remainder of this sonic journey, all the way until closing track ‘Hello Heartbreak’ – for what is quite frankly a hugely rewarding listen. Nothing more, nothing less.

As Pete would put it: “I’m so very proud and relieved to have completed this project. Its journey has changed my life, in some ways for the better and in others maybe not so good.” …and as someone wise once said: “It is better to learn from the mistakes of others, than your own.”



KAIS – Seven Shades of She

The artistry, fluidity and creativity demonstrated by the intriguing and generously talented KAIS, is something out of the ordinary. I’m so pleased that get to share this album with you guys. “Seven Shades Of She” has gotta be up there with the work of the most talented artists worldwide.

It opens up with the instantly captivating and soulful “Sun’s Gonna Rise”. Warmly introduced with the lyrics ”It’s morning and the sun’s gone’ rise / Stuck somewhere between the lights / not sure which way to go / not sure how to free my soul”  as the singer songwriter impressively showcases his writing skills backed up by a mellow jazzy rock arrangement and ever so smooth, dreamy vocals.

Followed by the stylish love ultimatum “Downtown” and the thoughtful “Under My Skin”, the album quickly takes shape into a nurturing and refreshing sound which is rare these days. It doesn’t feel generic nor does it feel artificial.

It doesn’t take long for the listener to realise that KAIS is a special kind of artist. The Canadian based singer naturally shines with his different, soulful approach to alt-rock indie. His tracks have variation and alternation, switching between styles and moods easily, almost like a music Picasso…

“Cannibal’s Paradise” provides an indie love rock oriented vibe, very reminiscent of British pioneers “Oasis”, whereas “Trinity” presents a haunting but grounded and cool sound which for some reason also reminded me of “Placebo”, adding to the ever unfolding dynamism and genuine talent of Kais.

“Sleepwalker” and “Ain’t Going Nowhere” close this invigorating, touching album which could only originate in the mind of someone who has vision and heaps of creativity. Kais deserves a lot more attention then what he’s been getting and this should be noted, but what I like the most about this artist and “Seven Shades of She”, is the artistry it showcases, the imagination and creativity behind it, and the sonic body as a whole. Anyone that takes the time to listen to this outstanding album will no doubt appreciate the effort and talent involved. It stimulates the senses and it soothes the soul – A thoroughly captivating release!


Give it a listen here: