2 Story Cabin – Only Love [EP]

The debut EP from unique duo 2 Story Cabin, titled ‘Only Love’ blends free roaming, unassuming vocal deliveries with progressive post-pop melodies – brought to you by singer-songwriter Tempesta and experimental producer and guitarrist Mmmatic. 

While its opening track ‘Don’t you worry’ brings back memories of the glorious and uncompromising days when alternative 80’s brit-pop reigned supreme in the music charts and bands like The Cure and Depeche Mode came challenging the status quo, with their bold, conceptualised lyrics and expansive pop arrangements – I believe that it’s the title track ‘Only Love’ that sets the pace for this creative and ambitious body of work. 

Overall, the debut project from 2 Story Cabin feels very much like a rollercoaster ride with sudden vertical dips and unexpected turns, as it fearlessly delves into the ever changing mental landscape of a forward thinking, self assured woman in the modern world who still has to deal with herself and her own shadow of emotions… 

You can expect intense and emotionally charged pop music but nonetheless, by staying true to their craft, they’ve managed to release a stylish, energetic and introspective piece which explores themes of self-discovery, confidence, empowerment and love.

In regards to how it all started, producer Mmmatic had the following to say:

“We started making music together back in 2006 in Italy, where we met, where we would first make hip hop beats together. Then we switched to a more experimental/electronic sound with our band The Golden Night and when we moved to NY, we finally started this alternative-pop duo.”

What I like the most about 2 Story Cabin is the fact that they are unafraid to experiment with eclectic sounds and lyrics, while at the same time finding out and carving their own unique identity in the process. 

…The two-piece gang is currently working on their follow up EP which is due to be released by the end of 2018, so make sure you follow them on insta where you’ll be able to keep up with all their latest moves and gigs.