One World Government – Souls For Robots

Phoenix trailblazing band One World Government has just released an unbelievable video for their stand out single “Souls For Robots”, off their “Self Titled” album!

The ultra meaningful video starts with a man stepping off his vehicle to raise a construction/propaganda sign on behalf of what seems to be a mind-control corporation, as he then drives off. It then unfolds with eye-opening truths and plays with the idea that we are all dependent on technology, seemingly living a virtual, empty life.

A daughter who lost her father, is depicted feeling insecure and researching how to “plastically” enhance her features, while looking for love, as her dad’s ghost looks on and tries to stop her doing it. As she fails to capture the superficial love she seeks, she then resorts to self harming, since she realises she’s quickly loosing grip. There’s other characters and intertwining stories in this impressive video, which ultimately ends with a guy collapsing on the floor, with people around him walking past, hooked to their gadgets, completely unbothered, as if they’d lost their already fragile humanity, to a life dictated by technology and virtual reality… We don’t want to reveal the whole plot and spoil it for you, as the video goes much, much deeper, but if you haven’t yet watched it, then you definitely need to!

What I like the most about “Souls For Robots”, is that it is a brutal yet subtle attack, on where humanity is heading and how we now live pretty much like robots, hence the single’s title.

Having been compared to Pink Floyd and Rush, One Word Government is carrying the torch for what was previously started by their peers. The song and video have an extremely important meaning which is getting more relevant by the day. If there’s also a main message which applies to anyone who is watching, it has be: ‘be kind to each other out there guys’… and put your damn phones away!


MOSES – Lose Like You Love

New Zealand’s best kept secret, psychedelic/alternative rock band MOSES are back with a brilliantly dreamy, escapist release titled “Lose Like You Love”, which is the first single off the band’s sophomore album scheduled to drop February 15th this year.

The single is a creatively melancholic, shoegaze song, which touches upon the current status quo and conformity mindset, amongst a growing sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfilment, as the band expresses their view point in what feels like an ethereal, trippy but cool (…as in “Don’t worry… I got this”) kind of execution.

Recorded in New Zealand’s rural settings, a key inspiration point and catalyst to the theme, the band’s first official release of 2017 is a richly layered and textured track, which is able to convey a message of hope and commitment as the lyrics “Trust what your heart says, It’s just another step in the way” suggest, as the lead singer’s mellow delivery takes you on an introspective journey, supported by the bands expansive sound.

For a band formed in late 2015, they are actually not doing bad… having released two EP’s, a number of singles, a full length album and signing to Australia based Half A Cow Records, MOSES has promising shows steady lined up, as they’re embarking on an album release tour in New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, China, UK, France, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands before relocating permanently to Berlin!

2017 is shaping up to be a good year with the band’s impressive artistry which is backed up by their phenomenal work rate, so we’re expecting nothing but good things for New Zealand’s MOSES! Stay tuned folks!!

Billyed – New Day

Another European band finds it itself once again at the forefront of the rock music scene as Swedish ensemble Billyed fronted by Edvin Sandström releases “New Day”, a bold and compassionate boardwalk punk single by the creative group.

The opening lyrics “They pinned my heart, it’s tearing me apart, I left you twice but I don’t know why” set the tone and pace for the rest of this exceptional piece. Bursting with rich guitars sounds, “New Day” boasts a textured composition, supported by the frontman’s passionate and conscious delivery as the talented set takes you on an enjoyable ride with chords and melodies that seep into your brain, allowing you to get lost in a comforting execution from the Swedish gang.

The band’s also released an impressive music video for the single, which to some may be reminiscent of some of Radiohead’s earlier visual work. The single is off their cohesive debut album titled “The Road We Call Life” which is a reflection of the same, depicting the many ups and downs, frustrations and joys, hopes and despairs, as the group highlights life’s mysterious contradictions and everlasting battles between struggles and love.

“New Day” is an inspiring and heartfelt track with nurturing lyrics, ideal to play in your car as you drive to work, or at home while you lounge in the sofa with a beer or coffee, whichever you prefer… My point is that it sounds great and the quality of their sound is enjoyable enough for many repeated listens. Sung with intent and emotion, the single is up there with some of the best mainstream work from bands such as Radiohead, Kings of Leon, Stereophincs and more… Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Billyed is equally great to watch live. Their dynamic, execution and delivery is begging for live shows!

We promise that if you’re into boardwalk punk/indie and alternative rock then you won’t be disappointed!

… What are you waiting for? Just press play!

GEA – Pink

Helsinki is at it again! This time in the form of Finn singer-songwriter Laura Avonius, who gave us a taster of what’s to come in the shape of “Pink”, the first single off her debut album which shares the same title as the single, scheduled for release later in April this year.

The graceful singer teamed up with another Helsinki-based, mastermind musician who goes by the name of Mikko H. Haapoja, which also happens to be the producer behind GEA’s upcoming debut album.

The release is full of lush harmonies, blending soft piano strokes with electronic ambience, bathed in GEA’s angelic like voice as the duo combined to deliver a musical extravaganza that is captivating from start to finish. “Pink” is defined by a gorgeous, subtle and mysterious sound, representative of Finland’s landscape and artistic vision, which Laura embraces as a creative catalyst to her process.

Atmospheric, nostalgic and invigorating, the release transmits a sense of calmness and belonging which is quietly understood by the listener. When I sat down listening to it, I suddenly felt grounded and very much alive as I began to daydream and my mind wandered into higher realms of thought.

This is true. Music is indeed one of the greatest forms of expression, and Laura is able to relay her emotions almost effortless, as her silky, melodic voice leads the instrumentation with grace and finesse. Perhaps a softer, more gentle Florence and The Machine, infused with Björk’s quirkiness and nordic artistry would be a close description of her brilliant soundscape.

The artist’s poetry-like songwriting skills are also worthy of a mention: “Pillow on my face, beautiful lace, color of lace, is pink / No need to scream, no one will hear, color of drink, is pink” – as Laura reveals a talent for lyrics which is abstract and ethereal, powered by her human ingenuity and brilliance.

“Pink” is more than music, it is a true work of art which no doubt raises the bar very high for both Laura and Mikko whose upcoming album collaboration promises to be ever so special. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think… We hope you enjoy this one!


Are We Static – Embers (Album Preview)

So “Are We Static”, the up and coming band from the UK’s North West, are kicking off their 2017 year with the release of a superb new alt-rock album titled “Embers”, which we’ve had the opportunity to preview exclusively before it’s official release.

An album powered by real experiences and emotions, it comprises 10 beautifully produced and recorded tracks, each conveying a different tone and meaning behind it as the release touches on sensitive subjects and it represents a 15 year evolution, reflecting on life’s up and down moments and how they shape us as individuals.

The band fronted by producer and vocalist Kev Bolus has come up with an all round inspiring sound, supported by emotionally charged and heartfelt lyrics, following the tragic death of the frontman’s daughter in 2009 as the singer sought to inject energy and life into materialising his vision for the album out of the formless.

There’s something special and nostalgic about “Are We Static” which I can’t quite pinpoint, but is still felt and present throughout the whole album. The band’s chemistry and synchronicity also flow effortlessly in a soundscape so refined and nurturing, that it almost feels like silk to the skin!

It’s easy to tell that “Embers” was created with incredible attention to detail as well as great skill and industry… but most important of all, it was made with a love and passion which is both tangible and rare at the same time. There’s an ethereal frequency of pain in Kev’s voice which is elusive but present, as the singer beautifully unleashes his deep rooted emotions backed up by a supportive and über talented band.

With a sound reminiscent of the greats that came before them such as Coldplay, Nash, Death Cab for Cutie, Puddle of Mudd and more, they have already been picked up by over 40 BBC local stations as the famous music platform “BBC Introducing” opened up the doors for the talented click.

“Embers” couldn’t be any better if they tried, it’s simply gorgeous. Dare I say… it’s perfect. Every single song in this full length release is a gift and tribute to life, thus, the sonic body of this album is made whole. Commercially ready, I can see this being played on the radio everywhere, used for TV placements, commercials and much more as I would like to see “Are We Static” hit the big time. I believe they thoroughly deserve it.

…There’s nothing bad to say about “Embers”… Finger’s crossed the band will achieve all its goals and then some! Sending those guys much love from the team here at Blatant Misrep. Enjoy!