Anenon – Mouth

This electro piece provides you wonderment with an almost space age edge, tech ambient mid-section that will fill your soul with delirium. It infuses you as its floating airy choral vocals are guaranteed to send you into a world unknown. A world full of wonder and sinister mystery carried by major key changes which will get you in the zone. Perfect piece chill out to. It would probably be the perfect film score for an edgy film with its discordant brass instruments. Traces of the lumbering French horn add depth to already intriguing piece. Anenon probably isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but surely will grab their attention! ‘Mouth’ definitely has the ability to shock or hook you all in one while questioning its very own purpose!

Mike G & Coodie Breeze – Witness

This collaboration between Mike G, the American rapper and DJ best known as a member of hip hop collective Odd Future, and Coodie Breeze, otherwise known as Pyramid Quince, has all the energy of a sleeping group of stoners – but somehow still manages to creep under your skin. Slow-paced, mesmeric, and repetitive, with a hook asking ‘Can a God get a witness?’ over a spaced-out, spooky, ultra-minimal backing track, it won’t set the club on fire but it might just soundtrack your next drive home in the dark.

Tech N9ne – We Just Wanna Party ft. Ritz & Darrein Safron

Missouri-born rapper Tech N9ne has famously joined forces with everyone from Cee Lo Green and B.o.B to long-haired 60s rockers The Doors (yes, really) and Eminem. His latest collaborator is Darrein Safron, newly signed to Tech’s artist roster Strange Music, who adds his honey-smooth, almost feminine RnB vocals to Tech’s latest track. ‘My crew’s all tripped out, off that real good green,’ he croons: a perfect, melodic foil to Tech’s staccato rapping, the ‘chopper’ style he made famous back in the 90s. It’s a grower for certain, and a party song for those who want to lounge in the VIP area.

Ensemble Economique – You, By Candlelight

Ensemble Economique is the project masterminded by Californian born Brian Pyle. Now on his eleventh album the work of Pyle is best described as ambient and You, By Candlelight is a perfect example of his craft. Pyle himself describes his work “as if day and night were colliding”. Hazy and laid back in vibe the track, some seven minutes in length, washes over you like a gentle wave yet it never bores nor dulls the senses. Whilst it’s feel is dark it maintains sufficient trance like melody to ultimately uplift  The vocal of J Moon, Berlin based singer Jessica Einaudi is hauntingly beautiful and understated, the perfect foil for Pyles soundtrack.