Matt Hurray – Diamond Head Dumb Head [EP]

Why not take a break from the the drudgery and monotony of everyday life and listen to the just released “Diamond Head Dumb Head” EP by surf rock ambassador Matt Hurray, previously covered by us?

The EP which is a reflection of Matt’s influences, covers surf songs which had a big impact on his music. It’s a relatively short but quite satisfying play full of electrifying, rich arrangements, surf moods and upbeat, fast-paced guitar narratives that will make you want to grab your board and hit the waves quicker than you think! … I don’t even surf or swim but I’m contemplating taking the plunge and don’t really care if I drown. It’ll be worth it.

“Diamond Head Dumb Head” consists of four surf classics opening up with “The Rising Surf” originally performed by The Tandems; “Walk, Don’t run” originally performed by The Ventures, “Monterey Sunset” by the Hoodoo Gurus and closing with “Penetration” originally performed by The Challengers, as Matt showcases his silky guitar skills with a fitting tribute to his inspirations.

What I like most about this album is that it is a mood-setter. It can be played in any occasion and still be unbelievably satisfying! It doesn’t really matter whether you’re entertaining friends or relaxing on your own, the EP’s soundscape promotes good vibes, sonic comfort, motivation and it can even spark creativity or enhance productivity!

“Diamond Head Dumb Head” is sure to get everyones mood going and make everyone wanna dance like Umma Thurman in Pulp Fiction… you know, when she’s dancing with John Travolta doing the two fingers across the face thing…

On a more serious note, you can’t go wrong with surf instrumentals and this EP release by Matt Hurray proves just that! Give it a listen below and stay tuned for the artist’s next EP release of the series, scheduled for next month 🙂


Little Simz – Stained Subconsciousness (ft. Chuck20)

Energetic powerful and empowering, this track energises and shocks all at once. An urgent cry for help voices everyone’s frustrations of the modern world and human nature from whence time began. Repetitive rhythmic and zen all at the same time, Little Simz is a powerhouse on this track but doesn’t overdo things preferring to let the track speak for itself. The male and female voices vy for attention without competing or dominating building to a crescendo and demonstrating the madness and hell of which they speak. Urban rhythm peppered with a final ethereal choral vocal which perfectly portrays the disjointed track illustrating the discord and disconnect between mind and body, reality and dream. A floating haunting layering of music, vocals, percussion and rapping which emerge like a butterfly from a chrysalis, finally growing up to make sense of the reality of a chaotic and less than beautiful world. This track is a piece of poetry and a slice of psychology all rolled into one, reflecting confusion and chaos in rhythm and syncopated vocals. Genius!

Thee Oh Sees – Fortress

The Thee Oh Sees have been around since 1997 and are renowned for their experimental home recordings. You may well approach the track with that idea in mind. When the guitars enter after half a minute however, my foot was tapping helplessly. Come on. Go. But from then on until two minutes into the track, I confess I was frustrated. It sounds like a decent band in a decent garage doing a decent instrumental. Then vocals arrive and the beat and song find an urgency that doesn’t end. My goodness about time too, if this is in a garage near you, invite your friends, bring some beers and lock the doors.