Japanese Wallpaper – Cocoon

Let yourself relax because this song is going to leave you with a sense of being snuggled on the sofa, enveloped in a blanket and protected from harm. This track definitely lives up to its name. It is relaxing yet beautiful and will entice you to peaceful yet powerful thoughts. The only downside is its abrupt ending, but once you’re braced for it, this track will grow inside your heart as well as your mind. It will leave you affected yet upbeat, as if you could conquer the world from your sofa.

Mac Miller ft Dave East – Headaches and Migraines

With lyrics like straight jackin’ crazy thrown into this dope filled fire beat, smattered with references to girls and booze. This is a song for stoners. Can virtually smell smoke drifting between the lyrics… lyrics that set the song on fire. ‘I Try to move my body but my skeleton vibrates.. which car is that and how’d it get in my driveway?’ – it sounds like a track from “braking bad” turning life on its head. Love it or hate it there’s a definite hook in this stoner’s anthem which will leave you wanting more. Mack miller & Dave East’s trademark deliveries shine through!