Woodes – The Thaw

Sometimes we come across artists who are simply cut from a different cloth. The artistry, the thought proccess, the delivery and the style usually separate artists like these from the rest. Woodes is one such artist. If you’re a fan of artists such as Lorde, Banks, Halsey etc then you will love this Australian singer/songwriter whose style and sound can hold its own. Released this month, ’The Thaw’ is a smooth and inspirational experimental pop song that will stay in your mind, prompting you to relax and enter an ethereal space which boundless and limitless. Definitely one to watch for the future, Woodes already belong amongst the starts. This is a bonafide release from the songstress, we hope to see her claim her spot amongst the big names over the course of this year and next. Fingers crossed!


The Halfwit in Me – Ryley Walker

The powerful acoustic entrance of this track, before the thought-provoking vocals is the first hint that you’re listening to a truly addictive sound. The Halfwit in Me takes you through a 6-minute rendition that still leaves you wanting more. The understated energy is palpable and the easy sounds lull you along. What’s even better is the personal development you’re witnessing in Ryley Walker, a massive leap from 2015’s Primrose Green. You’re sure to want to come back for more and it’ll be interesting watching Walker’s journey from here on.