TAOG – Young & Living ft Caitey Riley

We all love it when a good plan comes together, right? It seems that Miami based, up and coming rapper TAOG knows exactly how to get what he wants and he’s waisting no time going on about it.

His latest release titled “Young & Living” enlists the help of the sultry Caitey Riley and the production genius of Hustle Beats, whom together, combined to create a dynamic, exciting and uplifting hit song which is quickly raking up the play count numbers online.

While the beat is pop/urban oriented with some great sub bass kicks aimed straight at your dome, TAOG lyrics and flow give it purpose and integrity, while Caity blesses it with her silky and bubbly vocals.

When it comes to putting in the work, we believe the rapper is on the path of success, having already bagged a hit song titled “Bitch I’m On The Phone” ft J.R. Donato of Taylor Gang and more recently having opened for OG Maco’s performance in Margate, Florida. His music is somewhat reminiscent of rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and A.$.A.P Rocky vocal wise but make no mistake, TAOG has his own vibe going on.

A song for those who thrive, it is an overall catchy, vibrant and bold release: “We living life the way we want, oh yeah we going strong” the rapper boasts proudly.

… Let that be the new motto, after all life is for the living!


Kais – Star In a Jar

We’re a bit late to this one, but as the saying goes – ‘Better late than never!’

“Star In a Jar” is the uncompromising, emotionally charged album from the passionately talented, Vancouver based, singer-songwriter Kais.

Although this cleverly written album was released in 2013, its content is as relevant as ever. Peaking at 12 tracks, you’ll find that Star In a Jar is a great listen for all music lovers… Sticking to matters close to his heart, Kais has managed to put together an incredibly meaningful album which touches upon many sensitive subjects including war and saving the planet!

The production is very neat and the overall sound is refined and melodic, while Kais vocals and delivery are every bit as good as the artists he aspires to be. Quite reminiscent of contemporary indie rock pioneers Oasis, Goo Goo Dolls, Foo Fighters, Rob Thomas and The Verve – Kais could give all of these a run for their money when it comes to creativity and originality.

Every single track in the album stands out as a masterpiece, as the singer incorporate various styles into this release, including alternative, indie, reggae and blues, which in turn provide an impressive depth and give the album an overall rich and varied sound.

This is my kind of rock music. “Star In A Jar” is expansive, fluid and as soulful as it gets. Laced with beautiful poetry and polished sounds, it is without a doubt a super accomplished body of work which deserves way more recognition than it currently has!

Give it a listen below and show some love guys! Kais is the real deal.


Shades – Alexandra Savior

Upbeat and funky from the off, Shades is a Summer tune that will carry you right on through and provide a backdrop for the best summer memories. The powerful chorus, notable tempo and ethereal (and slightly R&B) vibe, entice you in to wanting more. Shades is an awesomely cool song from this LA songwriter, co-produced in partnership with Alex Turner. The amazing vocals leave you ensnared and sure to play the track over and over, its feel good beat bustling you along. Summer Time just got better with the addition of this track.